About Us

Summary of Who We Are

Hi there, we are the Conlon family! Thank you for visiting our site, we are so happy to connect with all of you.

Little Prayer Tea Company is a family owned business currently comprised of Ryan, Regina and baby Thea. We started this business originally to sell tea and create relationships, but along the way, we discovered that Little Prayer Tea would be far more than that.

After hours of prayer and discussion we came to the conclusion that we wanted to use our business of selling tea, to promote a “product” far more important, prayer. We decided that promoting and encouraging prayer is what we are truly “selling”, with a specially crafted prayer on each of our tea tins. Selling and drinking tea is how we want to connect and create relationships with all of you. If you would like to hear the full story of how Little Prayer Tea Company was molded into what it is today, please check out my first blog post.

This has been a wonderful adventure, tasting all sorts of teas from around the globe and putting together what we feel are some of the greatest tasting teas for all of us to enjoy. So here it is, Little Prayer Tea Company, a small family owned business where we would like to offer a little prayer for each and every one of you.