Dance With Cinthia


Dance With Cinthia

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You are the creator of heaven, earth, the sun, the moon and all the stars above,
you breathe life into all things.

Hi! My name is Kitty Conlon, I am a teaching artist based in San Francisco and I humbly ask for your support in my artful environmental education endeavors. I am currently choreographing a trio inspired by Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. This educational art piece draws from my previous experience as a scientist and is an embodiment of my research over the last two years in addressing the relevance of Dr. Carson’s 1962 publication in the 21st century. All funds raised will go directly to the artists involved.

The Mission

*Image by Lonny Meyer – Dancers Pictured: Lilith Ransom, Niki King, Tracy Camacho, Peri Trono

My mission as a choreographer is to create accessible works with a message that empower artists from diverse backgrounds. The main body of my work has centered around environmental issues and my upcoming premiere titled Precautionary Principle is a continuation of my intent to artfully increase eco-awareness. In creating this piece I aim to enrich and inform the communities I am part of by enabling the viewers to form an emotional connection with American environmental thought. Thank you for reading, your support is greatly appreciated!

web: ;  ig: dance.with.cinthia ;  professional line: 415-891-9176

How You Can Help

Little Prayer Tea Company has added Kitty’s Mission and a special prayer to 2 different tea flavors. Choose from any of the 2 flavors below and 75% of the profit will go directly to help support Kitty Conlon and the dancers involved.

Thank you all who have supported Kitty and her mission! Unfortunately, this fundraiser has ended.

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