It's time for a change! A more eco friendly change that is. We have decided to upgrade our labels for all of our products using a paper that is made from post consumer recycled materials, and sustainably sourced materials. Yes, thank you, I will give myself and my family a pat on the back :).

In order to make this transition possible, we will have to slowely integrate our new labels in with the old. This might cause some orders to be shipped with different types of labels. (I know, who cares. But this is my OCD talking so you better pay attention!).

If we went and threw away all of our remaining labels just to have them all be more uniform, that wouldn't be very eco friendly now would it. So just for your own (really, my own) peace of mind, be ready for mix and match labels, until we are able to completely rid ourselves of the old. Thanks so much for all of your support and God bless!


Little Prayer Tea Company is very passionate about our tea, and especially passionate about prayer. But one other thing that motivates us, is giving back to our community.

Help us give back by donating a percentage of your purchase to help single mothers buy diapers, formula, groceries, etc.

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