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Little Prayer Tea Filters.

Little Prayer Tea Filters

Little Prayer Tea Filters Loose leaf tea filters made of 100% biodegradable and 100% unbleached natural paper. Easy open, single-use filters allow you to brew your loose leaf tea without...
Little Prayer Tea Spoon.

Little Prayer Tea Spoon

Always brew the perfect cup of tea with our Little Prayer Tea Spoon. This spoon measures the perfect amount of tea leaves for 8 oz of water and is deep enough to scoop...
Ukiyo Sense Double Wall Glass Tea Infuser.

Ukiyo Sense Double Wall Glass Tea Infuser

Ukiyo Sense is a high-quality, double-wall glass tea infuser. Brew your favorite loose leaf tea, and keep it warm - or cold - just the way you like it.  The...
Matcha Bowl (pure white)

Matcha Bowl (pure white)

The pure white base of this Matcha bowl is brushed with a soft, feminine pink hue giving it a unique, calming quality. The contrast between the soft white bowl and...