Strawberry Guava.
Strawberry Guava.

Strawberry Guava

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1 lb (Generic Pouch)
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Flavor: Strawberry Guava Tea

Prayer: Dear God, guide my thoughts so that I may be filled with peace and have gratitude in my heart

Description: Our Strawberry Guava tea is the ideal choice for anyone who loves fruity drinks. The fragrant aroma of rose petals, lemongrass and strawberry slices will bring a smile to your face, while the natural guava flavoring of this popular herbal tea will leave you wanting more.

This cup of warm goodness can be served hot or iced, either way you'll love it! No sugar required :)

Ingredients: Apple bits, sunflower blossom, lemongrass, rose petals, strawberry slices, flavoring

Caffeine Level: None