Teas From Around The World.
Teas From Around The World.
Teas From Around The World.
Teas From Around The World.
Teas From Around The World.
Teas From Around The World.
Teas From Around The World.

Teas From Around The World



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Teas From Around The World Gift Set

Get ready to embark on a flavor journey around the world with our set of six exotic tea samples. Imagine traveling to the lush, green hills of Japan and experiencing the delicate aroma of their traditional tea blends. Or, imagine being transported to the vibrant and colorful landscapes of South Africa, where you can taste the delicious flavors of their local teas. From Ecuador to everywhere in between, this set of tea samples will immerse you in culture and flavor like never before. Each sample brews approximately 5 cups of tea, enough to share with friends and family and experience the journey together. So don't wait, pack your bags and join us on a flavor adventure, without ever leaving your home.


Tea With Nonna - South Africa
Description: What’s more comforting than time with “Nonna.” This beautifully crafted rooibos tea is robust with warm notes of caramel and hints of almonds. The rose petals give off a soft floral aroma that invites you in like a hug from grandma herself.

Served best with honey!

Ingredients: Rooibos tea, rose petals, blue cornflowers, natural almond flavor, natural caramel flavor, natural creme flavor, and natural vanilla flavor

Caffeine Level: None

Assam For Breakfast - Assam, India
Description: This breakfast Assam brings the comfort of a straightforward black tea. Its bold and powerful taste complements its warm aroma. A satisfying tea for everyday use. Also, it is a great choice for making Chai.

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea from Assam India

Caffeine Level: High

Dragonwell Tea - China
Description: Also known as Lung Ching Tea, this traditional green tea is a favored tea in the East and is described as the tea of Emperors. It has a warm earthy aroma with mild floral notes.

Ingredients: Green Tea

Caffeine Level: Medium

Gen Mai Cha - Japan
Description: Sweet green tea, combined with roasted rice kernels and topped off with popcorn pieces

Genmaicha tea is also referred to as “poor man’s tea” since the rice kernels were used as a “filler” in order to reduce the price of the tea

Ingredients: Organic Sencha, Roasted Rice Kernels, popcorn

Caffeine Level: Medium

Joy Tea - Ecuador
Description: Are you in need of a smile? Does life got you down? Bring a little joy to your day with this sweet and heavenly blend

Raspberries, Jasmine and Hibiscus perfectly compliment each other and enhance the delicious flavor of our Guayusa Tea

Ingredients: Organic Guayusa, Organic Raspberries, Organic Apple Bits, Organic Jasmine Green Tea, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Rosehips, Natural Flavors

Caffeine Level: Medium

Moroccan Mint Tea - Morocco
Description: The soothing aroma of mint invites a sip of this invigorating yet smooth peppermint, spearmint, and gunpowder green tea blend. Mint tea lovers will enjoy this classic blend sourced from organic and fair-trade growers.

Ingredients: Organic peppermint and spearmint hand blended with organic gunpowder green tea

Caffeine Level: Medium


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