Ginger Tea Recipe


Ginger Tea Recipe

Ginger Tea Recipe

Combining three well-known herbs & spices that help assist with upset stomachs and digestion to create delicious tea.


Add 2 cups of Ginger Root (Cut & Sifted), 2 Cups Star Anise, 1 Cup Lemongrass, and 1 Cup Peppermint in a stainless steel bowl.

Blend spices together using hands or stirring spoon, or if you have a lid to the bowl, you can shake to blend.

Once all spices are blended together thoroughly, scoop 1 teaspoon per 8 oz of water into tea infuser or t-sac and steep using water that has been boiled to 212 degrees.



This blend of herbs and spices helps with upset stomachs and digestion

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