Take your taste buds on a delicious journey with 4 of our best selling teas. Each sample brews approximately 5 cups of tea and is individually packaged in a resealable pouch.

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Embark on a delightful adventure with our Best Selling Tea Sampler, featuring four of our top-rated tea blends that have tea enthusiasts raving. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

With enough tea to brew a gratifying 3-5 cups per flavor, you'll have ample opportunities to savor and explore each of these beloved blends. And worry not, fellow tea aficionado - each sample comes securely nestled in a resealable pouch, ensuring your tea stays as fresh and flavorful as the day it was picked.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a leap, dive into the world of exquisite flavors, and discover your new favorite brew with our Best Selling Tea Sampler. Cheers to many delightful sips ahead!

Sampler Includes:

Creamy Earl Grey

Description:  Indulge in a cup of pure luxury with our classic Earl Grey tea, now elevated with the creamy notes of French vanilla. Savor the timeless taste of citrus bergamot with an added touch of sweetness, as you bask in the rich and creamy delight that is this organic high-grown estate black tea. Perfect for tea connoisseurs looking for a luxurious and satisfying experience, this tea promises to be a decadent treat for the senses. So, why wait? Savor the classic tea experience with a twist, and treat yourself to a cup of our Creamy Earl Grey today!

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, Natural Oil of Bergamot, Natural Flavors

Caffeine Level: High

Cinnamon Spice

Description:  Prepare to be enchanted by our Cinnamon Spice loose leaf tea, a captivating brew that will enthrall you with its warm, irresistible aroma. This delectable infusion weaves a dance of sweet orange notes, intertwined with the fiery allure of cinnamon, tempting your taste buds into a spirited waltz.

With each delightful sip, let the cozy warmth enfold you, as you bask in the sumptuous tapestry of flavors. It's time to add a dash of pizzazz to your daily tea ritual, one exhilarating cup at a time!

Ingredients: Black tea, natural flavors, orange peel, clove, ginger, cinnamon

Caffeine Level: High

Tea With Nonna

Description: Embrace the warm, fuzzy feeling of spending time with "Nonna" in every sip of this masterfully crafted rooibos tea. Bursting with the rich, indulgent notes of caramel and the subtle whispers of almonds, this blend is the ultimate in cozy comfort.

And don't forget the rose petals ‚Äď their delicate floral aroma will gently envelop you, like a tender hug from dear ol' grandma herself. So, snuggle up, sip, and let this delightful brew take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Buon appetito!

Ingredients: Rooibos tea, rose petals, blue cornflowers, natural almond flavor, natural caramel flavor, natural creme flavor, and natural vanilla flavor

Caffeine Level: None

and Joy

Description: Get ready to embrace your day with a beaming smile, courtesy of our Joy Guayusa Tea! This divine concoction strikes the perfect harmony of sweet, tangy, and herbal flavors, creating a taste sensation that's nothing short of euphoric.

With raspberries, jasmine, and hibiscus intermingling in each delightful sip, our Joy Tea promises an unparalleled flavor experience that's sure to brighten your morning. And the best part? The natural caffeine found in Guayusa gives you a gentle energy boost without the jittery rollercoaster ride of coffee.

So, why not start your day on a high note? Let Joy Tea work its magic and watch as it infuses your mornings with an irresistible burst of energy and happiness. Cheers to a joyful day ahead!

Ingredients: Organic Guayusa, Organic Raspberries, Organic Apple Bits, Organic Jasmine Green Tea, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Rosehips, Natural Flavors

Caffeine Level: Medium