Green Tea Mango.

Green Tea Mango

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Flavor: Green Tea Mango

Prayer: God, help me be obedient to your word and live a fruitful and faithful life

Description: Escape to paradise with our delectable Green Tea Mango blend, a delightful fusion that's more than just a treat for your taste buds—it's a one-way ticket to the tropics! Let the smooth, sweet melody of ripe mango whisk you away to a blissful haven with each enchanting sip. And, oh, the aroma! Watch as it drifts from your mug, filling the room with an irresistible fruity fragrance.

As you relish the masterfully crafted medley of green tea and mango, you'll soon discover your worries fading into the distance, like footprints in the sand. Get ready to unwind and say "Aloha" to our whimsical Green Tea Mango, where every cup is a mini-vacation!

Ingredients: Green Tea, Natural Mango Flavor, Apple Pieces, Mango Pieces, Marigold Flowers

Caffeine Level: Medium