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Super Ginger.

Super Ginger

From $3.00
Flavor: Super Ginger Tea Prayer: Be exalted, o god, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth. Awake my soul to sing his praise! Amen. Description: Bright &...
Sweet Matcha.

Sweet Matcha

From $4.00
Pure cane sugar is blended with 100% pure Japanese matcha green tea, grown from the city of Nishio of Aichi prefecture in central Japan, where the finest matcha green tea...
Tea With Nonna.

Tea With Nonna

From $3.00
Flavor: Tea With Nonna Prayer: O faithful one, you see me through every season of life. Thank you for never letting go. Please grant me wisdom and strength to follow...
Teas From Around The World.

Teas From Around The World

Teas From Around The World Gift Set Get ready to embark on a flavor journey around the world with our set of six exotic tea samples. Imagine traveling to the...
Turmeric & Ginger.

Turmeric & Ginger

From $3.00
Flavor: Turmeric & Ginger Prayer: Thank you Jesus, for all the beauty I see. Help me Lord, to see all the beauty in me Description: The spicy and earthy flavors...
Ukiyo Sense Double Wall Glass Tea Infuser.

Ukiyo Sense Double Wall Glass Tea Infuser

Ukiyo Sense is a high-quality, double-wall glass tea infuser. Brew your favorite loose leaf tea, and keep it warm - or cold - just the way you like it.  The...
Valentine's Day Tea - Razzle Dazzle Black Tea.

Valentine's Day Tea - Razzle Dazzle Black Tea

Valentine's Day TeaThis Valentine's Day, show your special someone how much you care with our Valentine's Day Tea. Our special blend of black tea and sweet raspberries creates a flavor...
Vanilla Lavender Tea.

Vanilla Lavender Tea

From $3.00
Flavor: Vanilla Lavender Tea Prayer: Your love is more beautiful than lavender fields. You comfort me oh Lord Description: Enjoy an invigorating afternoon boost with our elegant vanilla lavender tea....
Wellness Tea Sampler.

Wellness Tea Sampler

Loose Leaf Wellness Tea SamplerDescription:Stay healthy with our wellness tea sampler pack. We have put together 4 of our favorite wellness tea, each sample brews approximately 5 cups of tea...
Winter Tea (O Holy Night).

Winter Tea (O Holy Night)

$4.50From $2.25
Flavor: Winter Spice TeaPrayer: Like the quiet after the snow, may your peace enter my heart. Lord Jesus, we wait for you and long for your coming again.Description: Settle into the...
Zen Blend Tea.

Zen Blend Tea

From $3.00
Flavor: Zen Blend Tea Prayer: Heavenly Father, please take my burdens from me. Help me discover peace in my life and reduce the stress that is brought upon me. Help me to...