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Teas From Around The World

Teas From Around The World

Teas From Around The World Gift Set Get ready to embark on a flavor journey around the world with our set of six exotic tea samples. Imagine traveling to the...
Turmeric & Ginger.

Turmeric & Ginger

From $4.00
Flavor: Turmeric & Ginger Prayer: Thank you Jesus, for all the beauty I see. Help me Lord, to see all the beauty in me Description: Get ready to tango with...
Vanilla Lavender Tea.

Vanilla Lavender Tea

From $4.00
Flavor: Vanilla Lavender Tea Prayer: Your love is more beautiful than lavender fields. You comfort me oh Lord Description:  Sip your way to sereni-tea with our chic Vanilla Lavender Loose...
Wellness Tea Sampler.

Wellness Tea Sampler

Loose Leaf Wellness Tea SamplerDescription:Stay healthy with our wellness tea sampler pack. We have put together 4 of our favorite wellness tea, each sample brews approximately 5 cups of tea...
Winter Tea (O Holy Night).

Winter Tea (O Holy Night)

From $4.00
Flavor: Winter Spice TeaA Cozy Cup of Holiday CheerPrayer: Like the quiet after the snow, may your peace enter my heart. Lord Jesus, we wait for you and long for...
Zen Blend Tea.

Zen Blend Tea

From $4.00
Flavor: Zen Blend Tea Prayer: Heavenly Father, please take my burdens from me. Help me discover peace in my life and reduce the stress that is brought upon me. Help me to...