Best Teas For A Tea Party


Best Teas For A Tea Party

8 Of The Best Teas For A Tea Party

Tea parties are a fun and excellent way to get together with friends, family or just about anybody and create relationships. I remember when we hosted our first tea party as “Little Prayer Tea company”, we had about 18 women show up, and we all had such a wonderful time.

When you host a tea party, there are so many things you have to think about, it can get a bit overwhelming. What is the tea party for? Are you just hosting for friends and family? Maybe a tea party for the kids? What about hosting for a special event, or for a fundraiser? You have to think about what delicious treats you are going to serve? Is there going to be a theme to the party? But the one thing that gets overlooked a lot is, what kind of tea you are going to serve?

Here is a list of teas that I would recommend for any type of tea party:

1. Earl Grey or Creamy Earl Grey


Earl Grey tea is a must-have for any tea party. Not only is it the word’s most famous flavored black tea, but its natural sweetness pairs well with so many different treats. Creamy Earl Grey is a great addition or alternative, since it has the same properties as regular Earl, but adds a smooth creamy finish.

2. Autumn Chai

The zesty chai spices blended with a caffeine-free honeybush tea paired with milk chocolate or scones will make any mouth happy.

3. Moroccan Mint

Not only is Moroccan Mint a sweet and refreshing beverage, but it is also known to help with digestion. A cup of this tea after dinner is perfect for cleansing the palette and freshening your breath :).

4. Decadent Pu-erh

Our Decadent Pu-erh tea is a smooth creamy sensation that combines aged Pu-erh tea (one of the most sought after teas in the world) with cocoa nibs and coconut, a perfect match for any sweet treat.

5. In The Garden

Not only is it one of our all-time favorite teas, but it is also heavily blended with all types of herbs especially peppermint and spearmint, and just like Moroccan Mint, it’s good for digestion. I added this tea to the list because it is so refreshing and delicious, how could I not?

6. Sunrise Tea

This delicious blend of tea AND coffee allows everybody to enjoy the tea party, even the coffee snobs are welcome! But this tea isn’t just for the coffee drinkers, this is a beautiful blend of green tea, oolong tea, coffee and white chocolate that will leave you energized and possibly a little chatty, which is a good thing.

7. Mexican Wedding Cake

This black tea mimics the delicious Mexican wedding cake cookies aka Russian tea cookies. If you are serving either of those cookies, this will complement them well. If you are not serving either of those cookies, this is still one of our favorite teas that brings joy to whoever drinks it.

8. Lemon Delight Green Tea

Finish your tea party off right with this mouth watering dessert tea. With a creamy lemon finish, this will be a happy ending to your tea party.

Can I Get A Witness

Thanks for reading through my list of tea party teas, but don’t just take my word for it, we offer a sample of each one of our teas, so you can try them for yourself at a low cost. Try out a few of our samples and decide for yourself which tea would go best at your next tea party.

And if you know of any other teas you recommend, please let me know in the comments section

Ryan Conlon
Employee of Jesus Christ

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